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Cocopeat / Coir Pith Blocks

Cocopeat or Coir pith blocks are ideally suited for commercial nurseries and greenhouses. The soil conditioner is suitable for all types of Hydroponics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture applications.

Coco peat is also used as animal bed in Cow farming, Horse farming, Poultry faming such as Chicken, Duck, Turkeys. Some of the oil fields use coco peat to wipe out oil surface as it has good absorption and holding capacity.

They can be used as a base for garden plants, lawns, flowers, orchids, bonsais and vegetables in pots, containers or on the ground.

It can also be used as a substrate for growing mushrooms, which thrive on the cellulose. Coco peat has high cellulose and lignin content. The light and aerated structure and its high retention capacity makes it an ideal basis for preparing ready-made and amateur compost for seeding, potting house and patio plant.

Cocopeat: is made from coconut husks, which are byproducts of other industries that use coconuts. Coir waste from coir fiber industries is washed, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseity, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications.

Coco peat has a high water holding capacity, re-wets easily and at the same time has high air porosity, which allows excellent root aeration – oxygenation. Cocopeat mixes well with chips to produce more functional roots improving plant nutrition and healthier plants. It is a good growing medium/Potting soil for commercial farming.

Cocopeat is 100% organic, has high water absorbent property, within its cellulose structure, and maintains humidity for a long time. Our Coconut Coir Pith is ideal for soil conditioning, improves water retention in permeable plants, planting lawns in parks and gardens, planting sport fields and golf courses and planting vegetable gardens.

Soft fruits, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries… have an excellent development, fruit quality and yield on coco peat, due to its great air porosity and excellent water holding capacity.

A good absorbent, dry coco peat can be used as an oil absorbent on slippery floors. Coco peat is also used as bedding in animal farms and pet houses to absorb animal waste so the farm is kept clean and dry. Coco peat is hydrophilic unlike sphagnum moss and can quickly reabsorb water even when completely dry. Coco peat is porous and excess water is drained easily.

Coco peat can be re-used up to three times with little loss of yield.

  • Block Dimension : 30x30x12 cm.
  • Unit weight : 5kg (+/-5%).
  • EC : <0.5 Ms.
  • PH : 5.5 to 6.7.
  • Moisture : 15% max
  • Compression ratio : 5:1
  • Break out Volume : 15 liter/kg

Weight 5 Kg (+/- 3%), 650 gm (+/- 3%), 2.5 Kg (+/- 3%)